Kathleen Brown, Project Manager:   630-271-8233   kbrown@rocexhibitions.com

Christopher Carlson, Exhibits Manager:   630-271-8232   ccarlson@rocexhibitions.com  

Jerry Carter, Director of Exhibitions:   630-271-8228   jcarter@rocexhibitions.com

Kristen Haley, Vice President:   630-271-8224   khaley@rocexhibitions.com

Brandi Kapusinski, Administrative Assistant:   630-271-8216   brandi@rocexhibitions.com

Laura Koski, Sales Manager:   630-271-8226   lkoski@rocexhibitions.com

Maria Labriola, Sales:  630-271-8227   mlabriola@rocexhibitions.com

Christina Luporini,  Sr. Meetings & Events Manager:  630-271-8219   cluporini@rocexhibitions.com

Robert Posch, Vice President of Operations:   630-271-8225   bposch@showmgmtservices.com   

Daniel Rosenstock, Special Projects Manager:   630-271-3009   drosenstock@rocexhibitions.com   

Autumn Schindlbeck, Controller:   630-271-8222   aschindlbeck@rocexhibitions.com

Mark Sorensen, Exhibitor Account Executive:   630-271-8218   msorensen@rocexhibitions.com

Theresa Urbanczyk, Operations Manager:   630-271-8231   turbanczyk@rocexhibitions.com

Bernice Vargas, Project Manager:  630-271-8230   bvargas@rocexhibitions.com 

Senior Management:

Brett Overton, President:   630-271-8210   info@rocexhibitions.com

Marc Rosenstock, CEO:   630-271-8210   info@rocexhibitions.com

Leveraging decades of experience while producing events of every size, shape and industry flavor, ROC management has an ability to create maximum value for its producing partners, sponsors, exhibitors and visitors.

Are you looking to launch a new event? Build and expand your current event?

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